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Phone Rear Selfie Mirror

Phone Rear Selfie Mirror


Tired of poorly framed selfies? Our Phone Rear Selfie Mirror is the perfect solution to elevate your photography game!

🌟 Innovatively designed for optimal selfie framing
📲 Compatible with all smartphones
🔒 Compact and portable, Easy clip-on design
💡 Perfect for vlogging and live streaming
📸 Ensures you’re perfectly framed in every shot

"This gadget has transformed my selfies! I can now use my phone's rear camera and get amazing photos every time."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Jessica K

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Say goodbye to poorly taken photos and hello to picture-perfect shots with the Phone Rear Selfie Mirror! This innovative accessory allows you to perfectly frame your selfies using your phone's high-quality rear camera, ensuring every shot is clear and well-composed. Ideal for selfies, vlogging, live streaming, and capturing stunning photos, the Phone Rear Selfie Mirror is your ultimate photography companion.

  • 💥Capture the Ideal Photo: Worried about awful photos taken by others? Our selfie mirror offers a solution by providing a clear view of the shooting angle and allowing for adjustments as needed. Utilize this mirror to discover the ideal angle, lighting, and composition for your photos, ensuring that you can effortlessly capture the desired shots.

  • 👍Achieve the Best Photogenic Effect: When you take a picture with the rear camera, you can use our selfie mirror to see if your hair and makeup are ready. If not, you can adjust your makeup and hair in front of this mirror to make sure you look your best in the camera.

  • 💝User-Friendly Design: The selfie mirror can be easily clipped to your phone, both vertically and horizontally, allowing you to adjust its position according to your desired angle. This helps you capture high-quality videos and selfies using the back camera of your phone.

  • 😍Ensure You’re On Camera: When using the rear camera on your phone to capture photos or videos, it's common to find yourself outside of the shot. Our rear selfie mirror ensures that you're always included in the shot, providing clear visibility and enhancing your overall photography experience.

  • 🎁Convenient Storage Box: The Phone Mirror Reflection Clip features a storage box design that keeps all components neatly stored when not in use, making it ideal for travel or daily use.

  • Universal Phone Clip: Thanks to its integrated phone clip design, this mirror can be easily attached to almost any smartphone.

  • 🤳Capture Full-Body Shots: If you possess a selfie stick and Bluetooth remote control, and connect them with our selfie mirror, you can effortlessly capture a half or full-body shot of yourself as well as record videos.

How to Use:

Step 1: Clip the mirror to your phone, either vertically or horizontally.

Step 2: Adjust the angle of the mirror to your preferred position.

Step 3: Open your camera app and switch to the rear camera.

Step 4: Use the mirror to frame your shot and take your selfie or start recording.

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Material: High-quality ABS plastic and glass

Dimensions: 3.5 x 2.5 inches

Weight: 1.2 oz

Color: Black/Silver


Is the mirror compatible with all smartphones?

Yes, the Phone Rear Selfie Mirror is designed to fit most smartphones, including both iPhone and Android devices.

Does the mirror affect the quality of the photos?

No, the Phone Rear Selfie Mirror does not affect the photo quality. It simply helps you frame your shot perfectly, allowing you to use your phone's high-quality rear camera to take the picture. This ensures you get superior photo quality compared to using the front camera.

How do I attach the mirror to my phone?

The mirror comes with an adjustable clip that easily attaches to your smartphone.

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